English Essay Topics

English Essay Topics
Whether you are assigned or given the liberty to choose English essay topics on your own, how you address the topic can either make or break your grade. Therefore, great care must be exercised when tackling any assignment.

How to select English essay topics

Irrespective of whether the topic assigned is interesting to you or otherwise, you must think of the best way to address it. If you have not been assigned, the following approaches are helpful in selecting English essay topics:

Read widely

You have the responsibility of researching on as many works of literature as possible. It is only through exposing yourself to extensive literature that you will know prominent English essay topics you can address. If a topic is repeated in several sources, probably it is a good topic to address. However, you may need to address the topic from a different perspective to breathe in new life.
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To understand different approaches that have been taken in a particular topic, you might want to refer to a variety of English essay examples addressing the same.

Your ideas

Your opinion on a certain work of literature can make good English essay topics. To add value to the idea, conduct extensive researches based on what you have.


Based on whether you are doing a group assignment or otherwise, you can brainstorm on your own, or in a group setting. Brainstorming gives you the opportunity to bombard an assignment from as many angles possible. While brainstorming, write everything that crosses your mind without editing. After the exercise, choose the most suitable through elimination.

To come up with acceptable English essay topics, you must base them on interest, relevance, feasibility and availability of resources. Again topic selection should be based on the ability of a topic to give raise to a strong thesis statement. A strong thesis statement bears characteristics such as preciseness, clarity and must be testable. Remember that English essays must demonstrate critical thinking and writing skills.

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